Handpoke and Machine




First of all: Everyone is welcome in our studio! All skin types, sizes, nationalities and genders will be happily tattooed.

Now, here is all the basic information you need to know about the booking process:

Please read carefully before filling out the contact form. This is not first come first served 😉


I will be a little bit more selective in this booking phase. I want go into a certain direction and will therefore only be doing flash, with exceptions only for designs similar to my flash or altered versions of my flash. Or if your idea really knocks my socks off 😉  You can still ask but please keep this in mind and understand <3

I never tattoo anything twice exactly the same way. You will find all my available flashs /tattoo designs in my story highlight. I will try to update them as often as possible so you can see which ones are taken and which are still available. If the flash you want is already taken maybe I can design something similar for you.

If I design something especially for you, please note that I never show any designs before the appointment. Please have a look at my portfolio carefully and make sure that my style is what you want.

Please don’t ask me to copy other people’s tattoos or designs.

I do handpoke and machine tattoos. In the story highlights with my available flash you will also find information about which designs I am willing to do with which technique and what their minimum size is. I make these decisions for good reasons so please have a look at the information carefully and decide beforehand if you want to do it this way.

I will book appointments for july and august. I work only on weekdays during the day. Most likely our appointment will start at 11am, latest 2pm. Please make sure it will be possible for you to make time.

My minimum charge is 150€ (for white tattoos 300). I will only be able to tell you about how much your tattoo will cost once I have all the information I need.

The minimum age to get tattooed by me is 20 😉

I take deposits for each appoitment. Deposits are non refundable. If you need to postpone your appointment within two weeks or less before the actual date you will you will have to make a new deposit and loose the old one. Please understand that this is necessary.

If you have paypal I will send you a paypal invoice for the deposit. If you don’t have paypal just let me know. The rest of the money should be brought to the appointment in cash. 😉

If you want a white tattoo:

I generally do white tattoos with machine only.

I can not tell you exactly how long it will last. I have been tattooing white ink for about 1 ½ Years so I can’t tell you from experience how your tattoo will look in 20 years. What I can tell you is that it will fade over time… as all tattoos do and because white is already a very decent color in your skin it might be earlier. But it will also not just vanish overnight in 3 years if you don’t go sunbathing every day. In the end it is still a tattoo. I have a 1 ½ years old white tattoo from when I started and at least this one still looks exactly the same since then. I also have seen 8-year-old white ink which still looked pretty ok to me but still I can’t make any exact predictions.

A white tattoo will never, ever heal into a pure white tone. The ink lays under your skin so it will always be a mixture of your skin tone and white. Mostly you can think of it as a lightened up part of your skin. The darker your skin the darker the tattoo will be. I personally think that white looks beautiful on all skin types if you have the right expectations. You can Also have a look at my story highlight reel with healed white tattoos (I will also try to add more over time). If you have really dark skin it definitely won’t turnout white (it will be more like a deep cream tone) but it might be a good way to get a tattoo that is more visible that black ink.

If you are unsure about how some more experimental colors will turn out on your skin, I will be happy to make small color tests on a not so visible body part with you before actually deciding for a tattoo so you can see how they will turn out on your skin tone.