Online Course


A complete course on how I approach handpoke tattoos.

To best show you how to handpoke I integrated a lot of animations, photos, close-ups and some additional materials that you can download.

You can rewatch the course as many times as you want until you feel you don’t need it anymore <3

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0. Introduction
1. The Skin

2. Equipment

     2.1 Tattoo Needles

     2.2 Tattoo Ink

     2.3 Handles + Tools

     2.4 Furniture

     2.5 Stencils

     2.6 Other Materials + Hygiene

     2.7 Artificial Skin

3. Techniques

     3.1 Stretsching + Depth

     3.2 Lining

     3.3 Packing

     3.4 Dotwork

     3.5 Color Fading

     3.6 Example Tattoo

4. The Differnt Body Parts

5. Aftercare

6. Thank You <3